20 April 2024

Timeless Fusion: Minimalist Living in a Restored 'Ringhiera' Gem

Barcelona NoLo district apartment, 1st floor, undergoes transformative restoration, blending historical charm with contemporary design. Steel beam, a relic from past, symbolizes connection between history and present. Living area features sage-colored island with 3D tiles and gold leaf, serving dual purpose – functional and symbolic. Hallway, glimpse of gold leaf-covered wall, connects visually to outside. Restoration introduces modern elements, bright corridor with four windows, and retractable panel for bedroom flexibility. Vibrant environment unfolds with bold colors, geometric curtain conceals walk-in closet, rust-colored wall hides meticulously designed bathroom. Ceramic tiles harmonize shower and sink top, enhancing space. First-floor location lost characteristic elements, restoration breathes new life, combining contemporary and classic furniture on uniform oak floor in a French herringbone pattern.

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