03 Mei 2024

Ferrari Unveils 12Cilindri: A Celebration of V12 Legacy

Ferrari unveils the 12Cilindri, a celebration of its V12 legacy, boasting 830 cv and a rev limit of 9500 rpm. The car combines elegance, versatility, and performance, embodying Ferrari's DNA. Its cockpit offers comfort with a glass roof and premium materials. Aimed at enthusiasts, it promises a unique driving experience. The engine features advanced technology for power and efficiency, including a variable torque strategy. Design-wise, it showcases clean lines, innovative aerodynamics, and a sophisticated interior with a dual-cockpit layout. The car's dynamics benefit from advanced systems like brake-by-wire and four-wheel independent steering. It's equipped with high-performance tires and an aluminum chassis for agility and rigidity. Ferrari offers a seven-year maintenance program for peace of mind.

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